We believe that strong governance and responsible corporate behavior are essential to long-term success. That is why we practice business relationships that are based on responsibility and accountability in order to protect the long-term mutual interests of all stakeholders.

To that end, we have a profound respect for the environment that drives lower energy consumption, landfill-free facilities and sustainable product designs. We advocate for a circular economy in which packaging is reused and recycled.

For three years running, we are proud to be named “One of the Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies 2021” by Barron’s, and one of “Americas Most Responsible Companies 2021” by Newsweek.

Guided by our core values, we embrace our humane and compassionate workplace that welcomes everyone and actively supports the communities where we live and work. We promote openness, honesty and feedback across all stakeholders.

Our distinctive corporate culture is strengthened by the trust and respect we have for each other, our unique and immersive training programs and our support of a healthy and balanced life for all.

To read more about our efforts, click here to read our 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report.