We believe that the lives of people should be enriched from having worked for and with Aptar. We give back to the communities where our people live and work, and our core values are summarized in two words–trust and respect.

Our team members are trusted to take initiative, ask questions and be bold. We respect each other as individuals, we respect the planet we cherish, and we treat all stakeholders and partners fairly.

Products with Purpose

While most of 2020 was brimming with uncertainty, Aptar rose to the challenge of supporting our customers, partners, our communities and each other, living up to our purpose and responsibility to society — ensuring the continuity of our products, which dispense the solutions that millions of people rely on every day.

Last year, we saw an increase in demand for our pumps and closures used on sanitizers and cleaners. As a result, we made investments in new capacity and repurposed beverage solutions to meet sanitizing and cleansing demand during the pandemic.

We also continued to solidify our commitment to innovation and society, through important and life-saving treatments approved by the U.S. FDA.

Our 3-Phase Activ-Film™ technology was chosen to protect a new SARS Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19 that recently received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. FDA. The QuickVue® SARS Antigen test is a point-of-care rapid antigen test developed by Quidel® Corporation that delivers test results in ten minutes.

Other key approvals include:

  • Bidose Nasal Spray Device for a breakthrough therapy in the field of depression
  • Unidose Powder System for a drug, which is intended to treat severe hypoglycemia in people with diabetes.
  • Nasal Unidose Device for the first nasal rescue treatment for frequent seizure activity in epilepsy for which Noble International designed a patient onboarding kit with trainer device
  • Activ-Blister packaging solution developed by Aptar CSP Technologies for oral solid dose drug delivery for an HIV prevention medicine

Supporting our Communities

CARE logo

Aptar has partnered with CARE®, a 501(c) organization who works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. CARE’s mission aligns with our purpose, values and mission to further diversity and inclusion, empower women and to support the communities where we live and work, along with global communities who are the most marginalized and the most in need.

Through our newly announced, on-going global partnership, Aptar will support CARE’s mission, including education programming, women’s economic empowerment efforts and CARE’s Crisis Response Campaign, sponsoring the Fast + Fair COVID-19 Vaccine Response Campaign in 2021.

Our Charitable Foundation in the United States continues to recognize the importance of giving back to local communities. Through a Corporate Grant Program and an Employee Matching Gift Program, the Foundation supports eligible 501(c)(3) organizations in our communities with a focus on the health and human services, culture and the arts.

We also give back to communities outside the United States. We support the Vatsalya Foundation in Mumbai, India, which is a pioneer agency working with street children in Mumbai through its multilevel approach of outreach, child-to-child contact, contact centers and a shelter home. Our leadership team often visits the foundation and the children are often invited to visit our local offices for a day filled with fun activities such as a hand painting competition, traditional games and more.

Each year, employees located at our Chicago area facilities participate in Sky Rise Chicago, climbing 2,109 steps of the Willis Tower in support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. We are proud to support an organization that provides clinical care for adults and children around the world.

Click here to read Aptar’s Community Engagement and Global Giving policy.

Responsible Workplaces

A safe working environment for our employees is a top priority. That is why we implemented a digital enterprise health and safety management system we call EHStar. This platform allows for a report of our safety progress and reportable incidents at each senior management meeting. We have enhanced our safety training programs and recognize sites with lost time frequency rates that are below industry averages. We also celebrate significant safety milestones such as extended periods of time without any lost time accidents.

We are also a proud member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, striving to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Sedex provides for a global platform to report on labor standards and health and safety practices in order to share that information with key stakeholders, including our customers.

Click here to read Aptar’s Human Right’s policy.

Responsible Workplaces

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender and Diversity KPI Alliance

Today, we are taking steps to lead in gender diversity and equity in the workplace, by enabling a culturally diverse workforce and nurturing an inclusive and welcoming culture.

These principles are pervasive throughout our organization, beginning at the very top.

  • Our Board of Directors includes 40% women and all Board Committees are chaired by women directors
  • We have been recognized by the Women’s Forum of New York as a Corporate Champion for leading the way toward gender balance on corporate boards
  • Proud to join more than 50 companies and organizations in the Gender and Diversity KPI Alliance, whose aim is to support the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) or high-level internal measurements that provide an overview of the diversity of our workforce and allow us to evaluate results, not efforts.
  • Aptar is committed to promoting and sustaining a sense of belonging for all individuals; by 2025, at least 30% of all Aptar leaders at the Vice President level and above will be women.
  • The first Employee Resource Group, ALIGN, was launched in 2021 in conjunction with International Women’s Day; ERG leadership is comprised of women across all regions/countries.
  • Aptar is also included in the SPDR® SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE), which invests in US large-capitalization companies that rank among the highest in their sector in terms of gender diversity within senior leadership positions.
  • Along with 60 other leading global companies, we are part of the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change movement through a commitment to furthering gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Click here to read Aptar’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy.