Experienced Leadership

Our Board of Directors is comprised of multicultural, experienced and diverse professionals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. With this breadth of diversity, the Board can provide experiential oversight that is very relevant to the different end-markets and geographic regions in which we operate. We also believe in fresh perspectives and 50% of our Board has been renewed in the past five years (2015-2020).

Board Governance Highlights

  • 9 of 10 directors are independent
  • Separate independent Chairman & CEO
  • 30% of the Board is comprised of directors added in the past 3 years (50% in the past 5 years)
  • 40% of our directors are women; all Board Committees are chaired by women directors
  • Majority voting for directors and director resignation policy in uncontested elections
  • Director age limits
  • Independent directors meet regularly in executive session
  • Annual Board and Committee self-evaluations
  • Annual ‘‘Say-on-Pay Vote’’ on executive compensation
  • Stock ownership requirements for directors and executive officers
  • Prohibits directors and executive officers from hedging or pledging stock

Committee Composition